Exoplanet Utilities

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This applet, and the instructions below, are for EXOFASTv1. For any research grade analysis, EXOFASTv2 is strongly recommended.

Online Applets

  • barycorrpy -- A pure Python code written by Shubham Kanodia that does time conversion and barycentric velocity corrections
  • barycorr.py -- A Python interface written by René Tronsgaard (Aarhus University) that uses the online API for utc2bjd, bjd2utc, and barycorr
  • occultquad.py -- Python implementation of exofast_occultquad
  • occultquad.f -- Fortran implementation of exofast_occultquad
  • occultquad_extern -- IDL wrapper for fortran version of occultquad

HAT-P-3b in true color, created with TRANSITGIF.

Papers accompany EXOFAST, the BJD code, and the Barycentric RV correction code; please cite them if you use them. The routines used within this package build off the work of many others, which you may also wish to cite. We are especially grateful for the work of Mandel & Agol , 2002 (analytic calculation of transit light curves), Torres et al., 2010 (calculation of stellar mass/radius), Wright et al., 2011 (exoplanets.org database), Claret & Bloemen, 2011 (limb darkening parameters), Ford, 2006 (general Markov Chain Monte Carlo), ter Braak, 2006 (Differential Evolution MCMC), and Landsman, 1993 (IDL astronomy library). This work was supported in part by NSF CAREER grants AST-1056524 and AST-0645416.
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