Time Utilities

Online Applets

  • UTC2BJD -- Convert a UTC to BJD in TDB
  • BJD2UTC -- Convert a BJD in TDB to UTC
  • HJD2BJD -- Convert an HJD in TT or TDB to BJD in TDB
Source Code
  • See the EXOFASTv2 Github Repo
  • barycorrpy -- A pure Python code written by Shubham Kanodia that does time conversion and barycentric velocity corrections
  • barycorr.py -- A Python interface written by René Tronsgaard (Aarhus University) that uses the online API for utc2bjd, bjd2utc, and barycorr
  • get_eph -- generate an ephemeris via telnet to HORIZONS (IDL spawns Expect)
  • horizons.exp -- generate an ephemeris via telnet to HORIZONS (Expect)

The leap second file of this applet is automatically kept up to date by cron job. To see the latest copy in use by this app, please see the leap second file,
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